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The Rainbird Art Project

The Rainbird Art Project is a science, art and educational collaboration. The aim of the project is to challenge students to create software programs capable of creating a piece of artwork rendered from any Rainbird Knowledge Map.

This first Rainbird Art piece you see above you and on our homepage was created by our digital agency, ApplinSkinner. The idea was to create a living brand asset that would be truly unique to Rainbird, something that could be thread through our entire organisation in order to reflect what is at the very core of what makes Rainbird exist, our AI Knowledge Maps.

This rendition is designed to reflect the ever changing and learning nature of a Rainbird powered system. The numerous ‘three block’ symbols represent the triplets that are created when two concepts are joined together with a relationship. The broader shapes give an indication of the connections that occur between different parts of the Knowledge Map. Areas of denser colour indicate nodes of information where many relationships exist in close proximity.

The animation you can see is not just random data, but a live visualisation of a Knowledge Map we have created.

In order to create the animations that represent the organic growing nature of the knowledge maps, ApplinSkinner used “Mitchell’s Best Candidate” algorithm. Not only can we output these visualisations on our website, but we can also export them as PDF’s. This means that we can create unique pieces of artwork for our clients at the end of each project.


We are now collaborating with two local universities, the UEA and NUA and intend to expand the project to other schools and universities. For more information on The Rainbird Art Project, or to participate, please contact us.

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