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Less artificial, more intelligence.

Our award-winning Cognitive Reasoning platform

You can automate tasks but you can't automate people.

Successful AI projects starts with a deep understanding of the relative strengths of humans and machines.  Automation is just the start. To differentiate your business, you must also innovate new solutions and empower your best workers.

Contact Centres

Rainbird enables the modelling of a new generation of problem solving tools, accessible to both agents and customers. The result is a reduced time to competence, quicker mean time to resolution, and a substantial increase in service standards.

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Sales Teams

Rainbird enables you to combine nuanced, human knowledge with your transactional data – to scale expertise to your entire sales force. Make your newly recruited sales staff as effective as your most seasoned sales people.

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Rainbird helps transform your operations by augmenting your human knowledge workers with powerful tools. Rainbird stitches multiple systems together enabling you to automate repetitive tasks.

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Risk & Compliance

Use Rainbird to model and track your governance and compliance obligations. Integrate this logic into your business processes utilising real-time data. The result is greater operational compliance, reduced costs and fewer breaches.

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Our services

Knowledge Modelling

We help you re-engineer the information and knowledge that should be driving efficiency in your operation.

Software Integration

Our experienced team of software engineers help to integrate Rainbird with your existing systems, or build new ones.

Rainbird Training

It’s easy to get started with Rainbird and our trainers are available to provide detailed and context-specific training.

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