What is Rainbird?

An AI platform for visually structuring knowledge and turning it into smart consultative tools that anyone can use 24 x 7.

1. Structure Knowledge Visually

Model knowledge visually using our intuitive web interface. Draw out concepts, relationships and add rules. No development experience is required and our tutorials will get you started quickly.

2. Publish Apps

Immediately publish a powerful recommendation or diagnostic tool into your existing CRM, helpdesk platform or website so it’s available 24 x 7. Alternatively, integrate into your other software via our API.

Publishing Options


Publish to any HTML website by inserting a single line of code.


Download our WordPress plug-in and quickly embed in your WordPress site.


Embed troubleshooting or diagnostic tools directly into your Zendesk.


Embed troubleshooting or diagnostic tools directly into your Freshdesk.


Create tools that help your staff up-sell and cross-sell from inside salesforce.


Turn your knowledge into an API for integration into other software.


Improve Customer Support

Turbo-charge your support staff with a new generation of expert tools

Improve quality, reduce costs

Capture knowledge in Rainbird so your support staff have a virtual consultative expert on hand, enabling them to provide the highest quality service in the shortest possible time.

Increase Sales

Make the most of every sales opportunity, each and every time.

Cross sell, Up sell, Consistently

Rainbird can make recommendations in real-time enabling all of your sales staff to consistently cross-sell or up-sell, maximising revenue.

Diagnose Problems

Your experts can teach Rainbird what they know, enabling anyone to diagnose problems.

Streamline Problem Diagnosis

Build business, medical or technical diagnostic software to deliver consistency of judgement and support critical decision making.

Create Intelligent Workflows

Incorporate rapid human-like decisions into your business processes

Not everything is a yes/no decision

Take human knowledge and integrate it into the decision points of your business processes. Make high quality real-time business decisions based on knowledge as well as data.

Build Classification Systems

Give your inventory and classification system some real expertise.

Make a catalogue smart enough to talk to

Use Rainbird to take your catalogue data and turn it into a system so powerful that you can ask it questions to help you classify new items.

Make Compelling Recommendations

Increase sales by offering truly intelligent up-sell and cross-sell recommendations.

A smarter recommendation engine

Rainbird can help you bring human intelligence to making recommendations based on knowledge as well as data.